Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Independent Senior Living Facility and a Nursing Home or Assisted Living home?

sunflower imageAn Independent Senior Living Facility allows the resident to experience true independent living while sharing a common residence with other individuals who share similar interests. An Independent Senior Living Facility provides all the necessities and comforts of home, and in addition, ensures a safe and stimulating environment.

How do I know if an Independent Senior Living Facility is right for me?

sunflower imageSome considerations to help you make this decision are: Do you want to remain independent? Would you like to have weekly house cleaning provided for you? Would you enjoy meeting new people of similar interests with which to socialize? Do you enjoy planned social and recreational activities? Would you enjoy meals prepared for you every day? Do you need or want scheduled transportations available to you?

What is included in the monthly rental fees?

sunflower imageYour choice of private or shared rooms; 24 hour concierge service; weekly housekeeping; weekly laundry services (no ironing); all utilities are paid; general activities and exercise; all meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks); social events; parking space for those residents who still drive.

How many residents can Le Parc Safe Haven accommodate?

sunflower imageLe Parc Cottage "A" houses 3 residents, Le Parc Cottage "B" can house 4 residents (one of the resident rooms is double occupancy). Le Parc Cottage "C" can house up to 12 residents (two of the resident rooms are double occupancy). With just under 20 residents, Le Parc is able to see to the needs of the individual residents more attentively.

Who operates and sees to the daily needs of the resident?

sunflower imageLe Parc is operated and administratively overseen by a staff of qualified concierges. The staff is trained and prepared to see to all the needs of the resident, up to, but not limited to, meals, housekeeping, laundry, and other personal necessities. Our concierge schedule's are flexible enough to meet the needs of each resident.

Who oversees the medical needs of the resident?

sunflower imageAll medical needs are met through third party contracts. A doctor, Physician Assistant, nurse or other required medical professional can be noted in our records for the resident's convenience. With pre-scheduling, residents can be transported to all medical appointments. In case of emergencies, ambulance facilities are only 2 blocks away, and an urgent care facility is 6 blocks away from Le Parc Safe Haven. Several doctor's offices are located nearby.

Can I hire a private home health aide to assist me with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), while living at Le Parc Safe Haven?

sunflower imageYes. Should a resident at Le Parc Safe Haven have a declining health setback, they can utilize a caregiver paid privately or through a home health agency. Private pay is expected for additional care-giving services outside of regular community fees. In certain instances, Medicare or private insurance will cover any ancillary services. In this case Le Parc Safe Haven will help facilitate payments directly to the resident.

Is an Emergency Response Device included at Le Parc Safe Haven?

sunflower imageOne of the main goals of Le Parc Safe Haven Independent Senior Living is to keep residents happy, healthy, AND safe. Le Parc encourages all residents to utilize Life Alert. Life Alert and/or their representative can provide the resident with an emergency device, so that when or if an emergency arises, management will know precisely the location of the resident to come to their assistance.

Does Le Parc Safe Haven accept Medicare or Private Insurance?

sunflower imageLe Parc Safe Haven facilitates the payment of all insurance funds directly to the recipient. Le Parc Safe Haven accommodates payments to the facility by personal check or a direct deposit through a local bank. Le Parc currently does not accept direct payments from insurance companies. Le Parc diligently assists all residents with their insurance processes.

Can Le Parc Safe Haven assist with the securing of medical equipment for patient needs?

sunflower imageLe Parc has several local medical equipment companies which assist in the securing, delivering and billing of medical equipment.